As we read throughout the scriptures we will see people who have experience some type of hurt or even disappointment while following their leaders. We will also see how they react to that hurt.
With all the technology thatâ??s available now, we can find and watch, just about anything we wish on most of our internet devices. I watch many of the court proceedings, and when it is a capital case, the reaction of the â??accusedâ? is different each time when a sentence is handed down.
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Have you ever thought:
"Are there any Truly Christian, Totally Non-denominational, Bible-Believing, Spirit-Filled Organizations with Real Fellowships? Is there a place where I can be held accountable without being encumbered with the weight of multiple meetings, tiresome obligations, and financial strain?"  If so, than UFCCM is the fellowship for you! We are led by the Holy Spirit and exist to be an asset to the Kingdom of God. Keep reading. We are eager to answer your questions and address your legitimate concerns.
The United Fellowship of Christian Churches & Ministries
Your Church or Ministry can find real answers here within the UFCCM. We use Christ-centered methods and resources to attain true fellowship with one another.  We provide networking, training and workshops tailored just for you and your needs in being a follower of Jesus Christ. We support Perpetual Growth and Progressive Purpose that will fuel, fulfill and empower your God-given visions and dreams.
Not A Movement
The UFCCM is not just another movement than seeks to build a private kingdom for a few through mega-membership.  We believe that to win the great end-time harvest for God, we must send a Powerful worldwide message that creates a strong channel of motivating and caring for one another.  It is not an accident that you are here.   This is absolutely your divine appointment to experience a true move of God in an on-time work, for end-time ministry. Please, view this site prayerfully.
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