UFCCM-Midwest Greater Northern Wisconsin Apostolic District No. 3

Bishop Dr.H.D. Haywood, Sr. Presiding
Midwest Episcopal Jurisdictional Prelate"Emeritus"

The Greater Northern Wisconsin Apostolic District (District No. 3)  is a newly created district (from August 2011) in Province No. 1 of the Midwest Episcopal Jurisdiction and consist of about 50-Counties and a combined total of over 300 "Areas" i.e.; towns, townships, villages and cities from east to west borders of Wisconsin with a beginning reference point about 40-50-miles to the north of the Milwaukee border up to Lake Superior. 

The Primary Mission and Vision of the Northern Wisconsin District is of course first in line with the core mission and vision of the UFCCM Presiding Prelate, The Jurisdictional Prelate and the directives of the Provincial Bishop.  The Expanded Mission, Vision and Goals of the Greater Northern Wisconsin Apostolic District under Bishop Haywood is as follows:
  • To build an affiliate base of divers types of churches and ministries
  • To be the catalyst to create other Districts out of Northern Wisconsin
  • To identify and raise up the next leaders and leadership in the UFCCM
  • Goal: To expand the UFCCM into four(4) New "Regions" of Northern Wisconsin in 2012
  • To Further The Kingdom Of God Through Support of Affiliate Churches and Ministries
"Bishop Haywood Presides and is preparing the district for development through informational summits targeted by "Regions" throughout the Year 2012. 

UFCCM-Midwest Wisconsin District No. 3 is
subdivided into four(4)  enumerated "Regions"

As Follows:
Upper Northwest Region  No. 1         
Upper Northeast Region  No. 2
Lower Northeast Region  No. 3          
Lower Northeast Region  No. 4

THE DISTRICT LEADERSHIP: "Apostolic Team Trailblazers"
  District Informational Summit targeted and in planning stages for September, 2012  

Overseer Beverly A Haywood
District Overseer


This office is held only by a Bishop or Overseer that has the complete trust of the Presiding Bishop of the district and who has earned the respect of other Bishops, Overseers, Pastors, Elders, Ministers and Laity as a person easy to work with.  The District Overseer  has the  primary responsibility as the direct assistant to the Presiding Bishop in the oversight of the entire district as it relates to the Northern geographical area within State of Wisconsin, to assure the smooth running of the district, through direct oversight of the executive staff leaders and other overseers.

Elder David C Allmann Sr
District Chief of Staff


The responsibilities of the Chief of Staff are to assure the smooth running of the District at the staff level, through direct oversight of the staff level officials of the Jurisdiction. This includes assuring that all staff members have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, and expectations. The DCOS work closely with the District  Overseer to assure that all departments under the office are aware of special assignments, that such assignments are completed and when necessary submit a written report to the District Bishop. The DCOS shall schedule as needed, but at least two annual meetings of the District Staff to review the work of the staff officials and to prepare biannual reports to be submitted to the Provincial Bishop. The DCOS is assessable to the officials of the District Staff for clarification of assignments, and encouragement when necessary.

Pastor Victoria Foston
District Director of Ministries

District Director of Ministries: DDM
The District Director of Ministries is the District Official charged with oversight and the direction of all Ministries in the District. This position is held by a senior pastor or experience Elder who has completed ministry training and has expertise in the various works of the active ministries. This person, the DDM will appoint and institute programs to help churches and ministers in the district, as well as be able to instruct in the requirements and responsibilities of those who are called into the various ministries of the fivefold ascension ministry. At the request of District Pastors the DDM may conduct one day seminars and workshops for Ministry and ministerial training. In addition the DDM should aggressively pursue district opportunities to offer auxiliary ministry and ministerial training.

Elder Gina N. Smith
District Secretary
The District Secretary: DS
The DS is responsible for taking records of all official District meetings and events. The same is required to submit written records of such meetings to the District Bishop as well as the Provincial Secretary. Additional copies of District records are available by request to the District Chief of Staff. The DS must also maintain original written records of all recorded proceedings. The DS must record the amount of any monies raised during any District Events and receive certification from the District Treasurer/Comptroller that such amounts are in agreement.  Such monies are to be submitted into the Jurisdictional account via the Jurisdictional treasure. All records maintained by the DS are for District No. 3 only. Any District Official may make request to the DCOS to receive any District records. At the end of each year, by December 31, the DS must ascertain that all District records are submitted to the DCOS for archival purposes.

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