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God has ordained the United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries, Inc.  As a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, non-denominational covering body, we enhance the work of churches and ministries around the world. We help to equip the kingdom of God by enabling our affiliates to attain a higher calling in Christ.  For us, unity is essential!  By partnering with other organizations of like vision, the UFCCM creates opportunities for fellowship, leadership and laity training, all while offering a plethora of activities that help to build, maintain and sustain the vision of each member church and ministry.



In August of 1999 the Spirit of the Lord began to move on the heart and mind of Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr.  His heart was consumed with the idea of God's church collaborating together in the spirit of unity and truly becoming the body of Christ.  The Lord revealed to him the need for a fellowship that would serve as a covering for various churches and ministries.  Bishop Tindal understood the difficulty that churches and ministries faced in order to fulfill their individual callings while struggling to financially support parent organizations which seemed to require so much while delivering so little.  He determined in his heart that the UFCCM would exist to serve, not to be served.


As he began to pray and seek the will of God about this burden and his place in this move of God, it became quite clear what the Lord was birthing in him. He had been divinely inspired to establish a covering body that would be founded solely on the Word of God that would provide resources for proper temporal compliance with government regulations, and ongoing training in the Word of God.


In obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, Bishop began to share his vision with others to whom he was led of the Lord.  From the interactions and hours of discussion and prayer with others in whose hearts the Holy Spirit had placed the same needs of fellowship, emerged The United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries, Inc. Worldwide.

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