Become An Afiliate of the UFCCM!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of  The UFCCM.
The United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries is looking for like-minded churches and ministries who are serious about God. So, if your organization's goal is to increase the borders of Jesus Christ with a like-minded group, consider becoming a UFCCM affiliate.

Because the Chairman Bishop, Board of Bishop and Senior Staff prefers that a regional or state representative meets with you face to face, and because we may not have a representative in your area as yet, their is a prayerful procedure and organized process developing:

  • Inquiry - This is an exploratory opportunity where we discuss our mission and your goals and determine if it is mutually beneficial to proceed with the affiliation process. In addition the UFCCM conducts regional summits in areas in which we are currently represented.  Upon request we will notify you and send you an invitation to a summit in your area.  Also you are invited to attend the Annual UFCCM Conference, held once a year in the 3rd week of June; Wednesday - Sunday(time and place as well as all necessary information is made available on our website) and get a "see for yourself" look at our ministries.   We also explain the requirements for affiliation at this time. 
  • Applicant - At this point --you as a prospective affiliate, applies for affiliation, provide verification of ministry and/or credentials and we will determine how our organizations can best work together to bring you on board.
  • Candidate - The Chairman Bishop, Jurisdictional or District Bishop or Overseer conducts a face to face visit and meets with you, your board and or congregation to discuss affiliation. If all are in agreement with the terms, we move to sign an affiliate agreement.
  • Affiliate - Once the affiliate agreement is signed, your organization enjoys all the benefits of affiliation.  Maintain your personal positions and ministry titles with your current Christian denominational association, feel confident and safe that you will never compromise your independent nondenominational status with the bondage of just another new movement!     NOTE: If you are recommended for Affiliation by an existing  UFCCM Affiliate, the steps discussed above may be modified.
Please Contact:
General Overseer Henry Tindal, Jr.

Phone: 443-415-9347
You may also e-mail the UFCCM Secretary General who can put you in touch with an ecclesiastical liaison officer
who will began to share with you  regarding  your inquiry.  E-mail:
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