Bishop L.T. Baker Tribute


The UFCCM Episcopal Board of Bishops The United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries Worldwide, Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr. Ecumenical Patriarch

     In June 2020 during the virtual Annual Conference of the United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries (UFCCM), we had the privilege of welcoming Bishop Baker as an affiliate of the UFCCM.  Bishop Baker had met and began to fellowship with Greater New Bethel Ministries, under the Leadership of the First Assistant Bishop of the UFCCM, Bishop William J. Strong and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to become a part of this Fellowship.
     Because of the restrictions on travel and the global pandemic which affected us all, as the Ecumenical Patriarch of the UFCCM we did not meet him in person, but we did see him virtually and began to communicate with him and officially received him as a member of the UFCCM.
     Bishop Baker seemed to be overjoyed to be part of the UFCCM and immediately began to take advantage of the benefits of fellowship which we offer. He worked closely with Bishop Strong, and Bishop Haywood on the Midwest Jurisdiction and we believe that his mind was made up to have a great impact upon this work as he continued his service in the Kingdom of the Lord.
     He was in it for the long haul, but like all of us, he did not know the day or the hour when the messenger of mercy would come and give him his elevation papers from His loving Heavenly Father, summoning him from his earthy labor to his heavenly and eternal rewards.
     God saw that the flower of his life and the purpose of his labors would be best accomplished in the glorious presence of his Lord and Savior.
Bishop Baker prepared for this day, by putting his trust in God, knowing full well that to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord.  He understood that he was only a pilgrim on this earth and that he had another building, a house not made with hands, eternal with God in the heavens. 
     We will miss our Bishop and brother.  The UFCCM Episcopal Board of Bishops along with the UFCCM Sacred College of Bishops and the entire UFCCM family must say farewell for now, but we all live in the blessed assurance that one day we will all be together again, never to be separated anymore.
In Love submitted,

Bishop Henry A Tindal, Sr, UFCCM Ecumenical Patriarch,
UFCCM Episcopal Board of Bishops, and the fellowship of believers that comprise the UFCCM

Bishop William J. Strong, 1st Assistant Chairman
Bishop Don G. Banks, Assistant Dean SCOB
Bishop H.D. Haywood, 1st Executive Assistant
Bishop JG Kramer, Chairman Clergy Training
Bishop Shirley A. Tindal, Secretary General
Bishop Aaron E. Nixon, Caribbean Jurisdiction

Dr. Margaret A. Tindal, Executive Secretary


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