UFCCM Council Of Elders

Elder Carolyn T. Hunt, Chair

E-mail: coe@ufccm.org


Phone: 833-88-UFCCM, Ext. 118 (833-888-3226)

Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr., Ecumenical Patriarch

  GOAL:  1 Timothy 5:17 "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine."

CHALLENGE:  2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" as our challenge scripture."

Welcome to the UFCCM Council of Elders.  As we "Continue to Move Forward by Faith", it is my earnest prayer that we stand together in unity in the "body of Christ" doing the will of God with diligence, excellence, humility, and the guiding hand of El Shaddai (Almighty God) working together to bring glory to His great name!

It is my humble privilege to serve as the Chair, UFCCM Council of Elders.  Our work is important and crucial to the further development of leaders who are prepared to carry on the work of those under whom we serve in our respective ministries and the UFCCM at large.  Please join with me as we move forward with determined and active faith to execute our mission through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I invite each of you to share your thoughts, recommendations, and offers to volunteer in this Council as we begin planning our work.  Please refer to this webpage as the primary source of information as we further develop the most effective and efficient ways to remain in contact.  May the Lord bless each of you and I hope you share my enthusiasm as we work together to make a difference. 


The UFCCM National Council of Elders is designed to provide a ministry within the Clergy for those affiliate members of the clergy who, even though ordained ministers or elders, are not serving as pastors, or UFCCM officials. Therefore, the purpose of the National Council of Elders is to enhance the ongoing training of elders, and to provide an opportunity for fellowship, specifically designed for all members of the Council of Elders, conducive to spiritual, educational and personal growth as Elders. Such may include but not be limited to prayer meetings, national fasting and prayer days, preaching opportunities throughout the UFCCM Fellowship, etc. Educational opportunities may consist of interaction with the Chairman of Clergy Training to provide ongoing courses and training opportunities in ministry, as well as interaction with the UFCCM National Chair of Laity training for development of public speaking, grammar and other related skills. The National Council of Elders may also from time to time hold an Elders Retreat. The Council of Elders will provide various activities for interaction between UFCCM Elders on the National, Jurisdictional, Provincial and District level with the consent of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the respective Jurisdictional Bishop. 

Membership in the council will be inclusive of all UFCCM affiliate elders who hold UFCCM ordination credentials and who are in good standing with his/her local church and the UFCCM. Membership is also inclusive of all such elders whose Ministerial License Renewals are current. 

None shall be considered an active member of the UFCCM Council of Elders whose Ministerial License Renewals are not current. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair of the Council of Elders to certify from the Secretary General that all members of the Council of Elders have submitted Ministerial License Renewals by March 31st of each Conference Year.

Time shall be set aside at each annual conference of at least one hour for National Council of Elders to hold an Annual meeting. The Chair of the National Council of Elders may request that a specific time be set aside on each Jurisdiction for meeting of Jurisdictional Chapter of Council of Elders. The National Chair of the Council of Elders may preside over such meetings, when possible, via conference call or other electronic communications media, whenever physical presence of the same is inconvenient. 

From time to time the Council of Elders, with the approval of the Ecumenical Patriarch, may hold special events in pursuit of its goals and mandate. Such events may not coincide with any regularly scheduled Annual UFCCM events.

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