Bishop J.G. Kramer is Chairman  of both the UFCCM Clergy Training and the UFCCM Intercessory Prayer Ministry.  In personal ministry -he is Founder and President: A Light In The Darkness Ministries.  Bishop Kramer accepted Christ into his life at an early age, and surrendered to a call to preach at the age of 15. He was officially licensed to preach the gospel. He was a member of Boyles Baptist Church in Tarrant, Alabama for most of those early years. He preached, taught, and served as he had opportunity with honor and integrity. He was a member of the church youth ministry, the youth choir, and youth drama team. He graduated high school in 1970.

Rev. J.G. Kramer attended Samford University from 1970-1974, majoring in English & History and minored in Speech & World Religions. While at Samford, he participated in what was known as "H Day." This gave ministerial students the opportunity to preach each Sunday in different Associations across the state of Alabama.

Also, in 1970, Rev. Kramer received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He became affiliated with the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, and for some three years was called upon as a keynote speaker for them. He also traveled helping to charter FGBMFI chapters. He taught extensively during this period on the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit, and has continued to do so throughout his years of ministry.

From 1973-1977 Rev. Kramer served as an Associate Pastor with Double Portion Baptist Church, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. During that time he worked in their tent ministry, holding revival meetings throughout the Southeast for the majority of that period. While at Double Portion Baptist Church they acknowledged the working of the Prophetic ministry, Teaching ministry, and the Evangelistic ministry. These, and other gifts, have continued to be evident in Rev. Kramer's life, and he has been willing to give to the Body of Christ freely.

In 1978, Rev. Kramer moved to Jacksonville, Florida and was active in church work there, until 1985.

In 1985, the family moved to Charleston, SC and became members of Antioch Christian Fellowship. They served there, working in various ministries in the church. In 1991, Rev. Kramer was fortune to be able to go on a mission trip with T.W.O. (Team World Outreach) to Jamaica. While there, he ministered to the local children as, Bagee the Clown during the daytime, while preaching as a part of the team at night, and served as a team leader and advisor as well.

Elder Kramer and Elizabeth moved back to Alabama in 2001, which was their original home. Their children still live in the Charleston area. After moving back to Alabama, Rev. Kramer established A Light In the Darkness, A Voice for Truth Evangelistic Association, in 2004. He has been ministering to people in many parts of the world, through this online ministry.

The Kramer's have known Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr. and First Lady, Shirley Tindal since 1989, having met them while living in Charleston, SC. It was as if God just instantly bound their hearts and lives together. At Bishop Tindal's invitation, Rev. Kramer has ministered many times at First Church in Baltimore, MD. It was during those years that Bishop Tindal began to see the vision for the UFCCM.

Bro. Kramer and Elizabeth felt lead to offer their service and support in any way to help with the start of the UFCCM. They were there in Columbia, SC, when the UFCCM was dedicated and the work was consecrated. That was a glorious day!

At Bishop Tindal's request, Elder Kramer is serving as the National Chairman of Clergy Training. In 2006 he was commissioned to develop a course to help prepare ministers in the network for the ordination process. It has been very rewarding thus far, and the work continues to develop training materials, as the need arises. 

It was also in 2006, that Elder Kramer received an honorary doctorate for his years of ministry an

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