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You may now register for the UFCCM 13th Annual Conference and book your hotel room. All activities happen at the official hotel location. The Planning Committee along with the UFCCM-Midwest (Host Jurisdiction) are now putting on the final touches for your complete details. Stay Tuned!
The UFCCM fellowship conference has daily attendees locally, from around the country and across the waters. These attendees are very supportive of activities and opportunities provided by the UFCCM and will bless you (and themselves) by patronizing your booth! VENDORS INFO "LIVE" on 04.18.2017!
Laity Training (Objectives, Purpose and Declaration of Commitment)

In keeping with the vision of our Founder and Presiding Prelate, Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr. and the mandate of the
UFCCM Board of Bishops, the UFCCM Ministry Of Laity Training has been established to:


Identify, through ongoing needs assessment, areas where UFCCM laity Christian Education and trainings are needed

*   Provide a thorough and comprehensive Christian Education and training program for lay members of UFCCM

*   Promote the Christian education and training experiences of laity throughout UFCCM

*   Conduct seminars, workshops, retreats and classes to meet the Christian Education and training needs of laity at all levels in the UFCCM Worldwide....

Declaration of Commitment

The UFCCM Department of Laity training is committed to provide a thorough, comprehensive and ongoing program of training activities to benefit laity at all levels within UFCCM

We are committed to make available laity training programs designed to increase and enhance the knowledge and understanding of God's word and its applications for daily living and interaction both within the body of Christ and in our daily walk

Further, we are committed to ensure that educational and training activities are presented and made available to all members of UFCCM
Finally, we are committed to ensure that each member of UFCCM is presented with opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of God's Word, its application and principles for Christian living

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