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UFCCM-Communications Ministry(MOC)

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The UFCCM Communications Ministry(UFCCM-MOC) the primary office that is responsible for maintaing our website and all other networking tools related to technology and certain levels of promotion for the UFCCM and our affiliates. Reaching the global affiliate network through internet, electronic media and facilitated workshops is the focus of MOC to inspire, inform, and invite participation in local growth and the vision, mission, and purposes of the UFCCM.

The UFCCM-MOC will conduct a series of online monthly workshops and webinars; a must for any affiliate wishing to develop, tweak or develop their websites, online radio, streaming tv shows, media networking and growth through various other next level tools. These highly interactive online workshops will help you develop basic skills for communicating effectively.  

Throughout recorded history, the expansion of the Kingdom of God has mostly
been in direct proportion to the convergence of the Spirit and technology

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