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You may now register for the UFCCM 13th Annual Conference and book your hotel room. All activities happen at the official hotel location. The Planning Committee along with the UFCCM-Midwest (Host Jurisdiction) are now putting on the final touches for your complete details. Stay Tuned!
The UFCCM fellowship conference has daily attendees locally, from around the country and across the waters. These attendees are very supportive of activities and opportunities provided by the UFCCM and will bless you (and themselves) by patronizing your booth! VENDORS INFO "LIVE" on 04.18.2017!

Bishop Henry Allen Tindal, Sr., Th.D.,D.Min. serves as Presiding Prelate of the UFCCM, Chairman Bishop of the seven-member Epsocopal Board Of Bishops, Dean of the thirteen-member Sacred College of Bishops and is the visionary Leader of the twenty-member Senior/Executive Staff, which is the senior leadership staff of the UFCCM Organization World Wide.
He is recognized as one of the most humble, kind and visionary men of our time.  Gifted with a strong prophetic/apostolic call and has ministered throughout the United States and abroad.     A former medical student who ranked top of his class -obeyed the call of the ultimate physician to deliver divine healing within the church and forsook his medical career for the cross of Christ. Bishop Tindal continually seeks God and petitions in prayer for the body of Christ in general and the affiliates of the UFCCM in particular.  His prayer and desire is to make available resource aids and true fellowship for Christian churches and ministries everywhere.

Bishop Tindal is the founder of First Church of Faith, Power & Deliverance (Baltimore, Maryland).  He is happily and joyously married to the lovely Lady-Elder Dr. Shirley A. Tindal who is also Secretary General of the UFCCM. PLEASE STAY TUNED, THERE IS MORE TO COME!............
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