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You may now register for the UFCCM 13th Annual Conference and book your hotel room. All activities happen at the official hotel location. The Planning Committee along with the UFCCM-Midwest (Host Jurisdiction) are now putting on the final touches for your complete details. Stay Tuned!
The UFCCM fellowship conference has daily attendees locally, from around the country and across the waters. These attendees are very supportive of activities and opportunities provided by the UFCCM and will bless you (and themselves) by patronizing your booth! VENDORS INFO "LIVE" on 04.18.2017!
UFCCM Southwest Jurisdiction

UFCCM Southwest Episcopal Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional Prelate - Bishop Dr. Don G. Banks

UFCCM Board of Bishops Member
Sacred College of Bishops Member
Presiding Bishop: Southwest Episcopal Jurisdiction
Presiding Bishop: Louisiana Province

The Southwest Jurisdiction; is the second of currently five Jurisdictions
the UFCCM, with it's jurisdictional headquarters in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The Southwest  Jurisdiction is presently comprised of 4-States as follows:
 Louisiana, New MexicoTexas, Arizona

Southwest Vision Statement

The vision for the Southwest Jurisdiction is to firstly to uphold the hands of our Presiding Prelate, Bishop Dr. Henry Tindal Sr.  It is our great pleasure to promote his vision concerning our fellowship, the United Fellowship Of Christian Churches and Ministries.  Therefore, we envision participating in worldwide ministry opportunities for the glory of God.  We will work intensely to win lost souls for the Kingdom of God by witnessing, worshipping and proclaiming the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Within the Jurisdiction we will provide convocations, seminars, programs and training opportunities that will develop those in the five fold ministries and those involved in the work ministry.   We further will work to establish and plant churches, ministries, leaders and disciples so that this vision will continue.  Although, our assignment is geographically the Southwest area of our nation, we will serve in harmony with other UFCCM Jurisdictions so that we will further this work throughout the world.


Bishop Banks is also the Interim Jurisdictional Prelate for UFCCM California Episcopal Jurisdiction and UFCCM Northwest Episcopal Jurisdiction





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