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You may now register for the UFCCM 13th Annual Conference and book your hotel room. All activities happen at the official hotel location. The Planning Committee along with the UFCCM-Midwest (Host Jurisdiction) are now putting on the final touches for your complete details. Stay Tuned!
The UFCCM fellowship conference has daily attendees locally, from around the country and across the waters. These attendees are very supportive of activities and opportunities provided by the UFCCM and will bless you (and themselves) by patronizing your booth! VENDORS INFO "LIVE" on 04.18.2017!
Vision & Mission

As you may have gathered from the About Us Page; The VISION of the UFCCM is not to become the largest fellowship organization in the world, but the most needed, resourceful and caring fellowship vehicle used by God. Within our VISION is a divine MISSION to further the borders of the Kingdom of God by building up the Church, Your Church, and Independent Ministries.
  •  Provide temporal assistance in funding, administrative resources and the like.
  • Assist churches & ministries with their individual Spiritual callings.
  • Assist in planting Spirit-filled Christian churches and ministries in underserved areas world-wide.
  • Develop close working relationships and sharing with others of like vision.
  • Build the discipleship of affiliate churches through direct missionary evangelism.
  • Create Christian business Initiatives so that affiliates are viable in their communities.
  • Assist with community initiatives develop by affiliates.
To enhance the work of member churches and ministries by making resources available to them. To create opportunities for fellowship, training in the Word of God, and other activities designed to build, maintain and sustain the vision of each individual member church and ministry.

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